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christina russell

For the last twenty years, fitness has been not only been my career but my passion and my lifestyle. Fitness gives me strength both mentally and physically and while I have always enjoyed training and teaching all types of fitness classes, my back injury has guided me in a new direction. I suffer from bulging, herniated discs and a slight fracture in my lower back. This severe back injury had debilitated me for months- left me in constant pain, and hopeless that I would never be able to train again...Until I found the pilates reformer.  I created a program that has let me infuse weight training, pilates and suspension training into a safe and amazingly effective workout. One that leaves me feeling strong, healthy and painless. I think of it as getting the best of all worlds while keeping your body and joints healthy. As a mom of two, I  understand the challenge of incorporating fitness into your daily life.. that fitness can be intimidating and that we take care of everyone first and ourselves last.


Elevate Fitness and Pilates was created as a place where you can start your fitness journey with support and acceptance or challenge yourself with a new one. It is a space created to give you time for yourself.. a place to learn how to exercise and make it a part of your life. Through exercise, I believe we can learn how to care for our bodies and be the most confident version of ourselves.



•  National Academy of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer

•  National Academy of Sports Medicine - Corrective Exercise Specialist

•  Stott Pilates/Balanced Body Pilates


sara makowski

After years of battling my body, peace and acceptance felt beyond reach.  Joining Elevate Fitness and Pilates was the catalyst to my fitness journey- the start of a healthy body and healthy mind.  I work as a full-time Counselor in senior management within a large non-profit organization and know how important self-care is-- and how often it is neglected.  Since practicing yoga, I have truly transformed and am beyond excited to offer classes to the Elevate community.  For me, yoga provides the ability to embrace the natural flow of life and release expectations.  Performing a simple sequence of movements mindfully allows for a vital pause, one we often neglect in the race to complete the never-ending to-do list.  Yoga can help you build the physical and mental stamina needed to face challenges with confidence.


My classes will offer a variety of strength and stability work, incorporating flexibility and mobility for all levels.  I hope to offer the perfect compliment to your workout routine in the supportive and accepting studio environment.


Remember, change only happens in the present moment- Make your moments count.

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